MTI 30 kVA ~ 900 kVA

  • 3 Level topology
  • Modular design with N+X redundancy
  • Online hot swapping, by-pass and power module feature
  • Optional dual input
  • High power density with footprints of less than 2m² up to 900kVA in parallel, 30kVA power module with only 3U height
  • High power density of 600kVA in one single cabinet, 30kVA power module with only 3U height
  • Green and energy saving: AC/AC efficiency > 95%, input power factor > 0.99 while input THDi < 3%
  • Full DSP control of high stability, reliability and safety
  • Integrated IGBT module with improved performance and reduced size
  • Excellent input performances for complete compatibility with input PF of 99% and wide range of voltage
  • Self-Aging mode for full load test with less than 10% of the total power capacity needed
  • Smart Sleeping mode for energy saving and prolong the life time of the system
  • Optimized battery management, intelligently control the whole process of the charging and discharging, effectively improve the life time of the battery
  • Battery cold start, UPS can be powered on from the battery without utility
  • Automatically record the critical wave information when fault happens, easy for trouble shooting
  • Independent LCD display for each power module with self-starting function
  • Programmable dry contacts, the function of each port can be defined by users
  • Friendly human machine interface with colorful touch screen of 10.4 inches



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